The 5 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally in 2019 & Beyond

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In This Workshop



What your doctor isn’t telling you about high blood pressure

and keeps ADDING medications that aren't working


The most overlooked cause of high blood pressure

spoiler alert salt’s not really the problem here...


How to reverse high blood pressure with your diet 

(spoiler again… it’s not sodium) even if you already eat healthy & exercise  

"One week ago my BP was 152/95 with a lot of medication. Today, I am down to 110/72. You think you're eating healthy & with your information I realized there was more I could do."

Janet 52 Texas

Do you get more pills every time you go to the doctor?

Whether you are new to high blood pressure or have been struggling with it for a while, you're in the right place. I'm going to walk you through why medications are a bandaid that don't treat the problem.

Join me to finally learn what it takes to lower blood pressure naturally so that you can take less pills.

A Note From The Instructor...

I'm a pharmacist and health coach on a mission to help people prevent or get off 100,000 medications.  

Yes, I want to help you take less medication!  

Dealing with high blood pressure can be overwhelming especially if you don't know where to start to make changes that actually work.  

If you know that you should be making lifestyle changes, and you just haven't been able to yet (even if you already eat healthy)... I'm here to help.

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